Monday, January 16, 2017

Pelican Pointe Apartment Refrigerator

The Pelican Pointe Apartment refrigerator and other kitchen tools complement the functionally elegant residences that express an atmosphere of beauty and simplicity in every apartment unit. 

In your kitchen, you get a 4-stove burner with oven, an apartment standard Pelican Pointe Apartment refrigerator, a wide area for slicing vegetables and preparing food, and some cooking tools in the pantry.

The Pelican Pointe Apartment is not really that luxurious but you can experience the exhilaration of high ceilings, hardwood floors, spacious bedrooms, hardwood tabletops, including the other community features that would make your life easier and convenient. For instance, the Pelican Pointe Apartment refrigerator enables you efficiently store all kitchen food and ingredients for use anytime.

In its simple but quite sophisticated design, you will feel the luxury and convenience of the Pelican Pointe Apartment refrigerator combined with the spacious kitchen, dining and living rooms and the awe-inspiring views of the external landscapes that add to the making of positive experiences.

You enjoy at anytime the Pelican Pointe Apartment refrigerator as you listen to music, while cooking your favorite meal, just in time for your favorite dish to get cooked. After slicing up some cucumber and tomatoes, a cool drink mix to be placed in the refrigerator would be fine. 

In addition, you will enjoy the functional community features of the Pelican Pointe Apartment amenities that include: courtyard, laundry facilities access to transportation, online payment, among others so you can manage better your daily affairs. 

Inside your apartment are reflected fine fixtures and finishes that include the Pelican Pointe Apartment refrigerator, hardwood tabletops, high ceilings, tiled bathroom with handsome ceramic finish, a flow-through dining area, a washer and dryer connection and a cool and clean environment. 

The Pelican Pointe Apartment is north of Jacksonville proper and is near a number of landmarks within its area. The picturesque site consists of about 15 apartment building complexes laid out in a circular fashion with a small lake at the center. 

Each large duplex cluster of apartments consists of the Studio type of apartment, the 1 bed, 1 bath and the 2-bed 1 bath apartments. Ample surface parking is available by the roadside close to the apartments. The clusters are designed to optimize space.

You can come and see our community at Pelican Pointe, 1333 Dunn Ave Jacksonville, FL 32218 and we would be glad to tour you around. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 751-5353, or send us a message through our website